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Welcome to Alice's apartment. A Soraga in the beautiful Val di Fassa, surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Dolomites, Heritage, we have apartments of various types and sizes. The apartments are located in different homes site in the country's most scenic areas of Soraga.

The apartments are located in Alice Barbida area at the foot of the Roda di Vael and south-east, with views of Alpe Lusia ski area of ​​reference for the country of Soraga, reachable with a comfortable ski bus service that stops 10 meters from home...
Melester, in the High Soraga at the edge of the forest, surrounded by green meadows and peaks of the Dolomite Group of Rosengarten. New construction, careful to respect nature for building materials and energy saving, respects the land and its use in the design stage. In fact, rising to the post of an old building, its construction has resulted in further consumption environment builders...
Building constructed entirely of wood with modern techniques of green building. The sensation of heat and sound will envelop the scent of wood from the first moment you enter. The view of the mountains and the woods surrounding the reserve during the day new views depending on the change of sunlight...


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